We bring a new light to your business.


Ecolit brings over 20 years of successful experience in contemporary interior design, contract and home furnishings to the custom LED market.  We believe our unique vision brings a strong sense of design, aesthetics and eco-friendly science to marketing in every kind of retail environment.  Being eco-friendly is just part of our philosophy. We proudly manufacture our custom products right here in the USA. This ensures we can provide the best quality and customer service to our customers, while generating growth and creating jobs in our community.

Why we do it.

Our vision is to bring ownership of the American Dream back into the hearts of our fellow Americans. Ecolit is creating jobs and generating growth while being dedicated to becoming the leading US manufacturer of LED light boxes. Ecolit's quality control and personalized customer service can not be rivaled by foreign competitors. It is our hope that you will give the American business a chance.

You will be glad you did.

We help our clients build value and attract more of the right consumer through the use of LEDs.

Our expertise in LED light boxes and lighting products are what separates us from the pack.

Create the perfect custom light box for your business or brand.

Illuminate the interior or exterior of your space using efficient, but powerful LED lights.

Empower your brand with Ecolit's bright, energy-efficient LED solutions.  Attract and impress customers with our LED light boxes and LGPs designed for indoor or outdoor applications.

 Ecolit also provides custom LED lighting solutions for commercial projects.


Made in USA, Quality Craftsmanship