For over 20 years, the CIS team of dedicated professionals has created and implemented a wide variety of signage and graphics solutions. Our mix of talent, industry know-how, and hands-on experience gives us a unique position to handle any project.

CIS_Site Survey

Site Survey and Analysis

Knowing where to start is essential to getting any project off the ground. At CIS our on-site survey team will evaluate your location to not only obtain accurate measurements, but also analyze traffic flow, determine impactful visibility, and ensure the most efficient means to implement your signage.


Unsure of the municipal codes and restrictions in your area? No worries! CIS is well versed in the rigors of applying for and obtaining permits. We cooperate and consult with local municipalities to determine the best course of action so that your project is completed in a timely manner without repercussions.


Project Management

Attention to detail, immediate action, flexibility; these are the ingredients to our project management approach at CIS. As one of our core services, our experts will identify your needs, collect information, and develop a strategy to execute the project to the your satisfaction.

Prototype &
Design Development

This is the fun stuff! We understand the value of delivering a product that not only looks great, but is also developed with proven techniques and high quality materials that last. Our collective knowledge of design and engineering allow us to transform any idea into a tangible product, creating a visual impact that is easily integrated with the clients overall brand strategy.



Our fabrication method is a meticulous process that provides both quick delivery and quality craftsmanship that has been rigorously tested for long-term durability. Whether you need routed letters, digital prints, or a fully illuminated visual display, our fabrication capabilities can accommodate any situation your project requires.


Installation is one of the most important aspects of the sign business. Our veteran installation crews along with our wide network of certified contractors utilize the best methods and equipment to ensure your signs are installed cleanly and safely. Whether we’re applying a window decal or installing letters on a skyscraper, CIS holds every installation to the highest of standards.


Maintenance Services

Need to repair, replace, or refurbish an existing sign? Want to upgrade to energy efficient LED illumination? CIS offers a full range of preventative and emergency maintenance services so that your signs stay in prime condition for years to come.

Your sign is an investment. Protect that investment.